About zipForm® Online Forms System

zipForm® is an online forms system provided by ZipLogix®, which is owned by Lone Wolf Technologies.

zipForm® makes available to our MLS members the RVAR forms library, the VAR forms library, and broker customized purchase agreements.

A note about authentication (logging into zipForm®):  Members have only one method for logging into zipForm®.  An MLS member must login to FlexMLS (the MLS system), and then click on the zipForm® menu item.  There is no zipForm® username or password to memorize.  

MLS-Connect:  zipForm® allows the member to import MLS listing data into a transaction through a zipForm® tool called MLS-Connect.  Before a member can use MLS-Connect for the first time, the member must first (1) go into FlexMLS (the MLS system), then (2) select Preferences > My Profile, then (3) click on “Set RETS Password ” and assign yourself a RETS password.  NOTE:  It is not important that you understand the underlying significance of the RETS password.  Just know that the first time you setup MLS-Connect in zipForm® you will be prompted to enter your FlexMLS username (rva.____) and your RETS password.  The RETS password is not related to your FlexMLS password.  Furthermore, your RETS password never changes, unless you change it.  Generally speaking, you only have to setup MLS-Connect once – meaning that you will not be prompted to enter your RETS password each time you use MLS-Connect.  For exceptions to this rule, read the following paragraph on using ZipForm® and MLS-Connect on additional computers.

Using ZipForm® and MLS-Connect on additional computers:  The first time you use MLS-Connect, an authentication file is stored on that particular computer.  This file is not a cookie, so it does not get deleted when cookies are deleted. Storing the file to the computer avoids having to setup MLS-Connect on that computer in the future.  However, when you use ZipForm® and MLS-Connect on additional computers, you must repeat the process of setting up MLS-Connect, so that the MLS-Connect authentication file is stored on each computer. 

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