How to Join

1.  General Information

The MLS of Roanoke Valley (MLS) serves approximately 270 firms and 1,880 brokers and agents.

The online MLS system, known as flexMLS, is supported by FBS.   

The MLS’ lockbox system is provided by Supra, a division of Carrier Global Corporation.

The MLS Service Area  is defined as the municpalities below:

  • City of Roanoke
  • City of Salem
  • Town of Vinton
  • Town of Bedford
  • Bedford County
  • Roanoke County
  • Botetourt County
  • Franklin County
  • Craig County

2.  Membership Applications

An individual’s membership with Roanoke’s MLS has as prerequisites that the individual and firm must be a member of a REALTOR Association, have a Virginia Real Estate license and the broker obtain membership with the MLS.

Membership applications are now available online.

3.  Membership Fees

Firm Initiation One time Fee                               $250.00

Branch Office Initiation One time Fee               $125.00

Monthly Office fee                                                  $25.00

Monthly broker and agent fees                           $36.00

The MLS accepts checks and credit card payments (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.) The fee for the first month of service must be paid to the MLS at the time of application.

4.  Letter in Good Standing as a REALTOR

Applicants not members of RVAR must provide the MLS with a letter in good standing from their primary Association of REALTORS stating their current year membership dues have been paid.

5.  MLS Password Confidentiality Agreement (click here)

MLS users must agree to keep their passwords confidential.  Failure to abide could lead to revocation of MLS access privileges.

Once the MLS has received the completed application, letter in good standing, MLS password confidentiality agreement, and first month’s payment the processing time to establish a new account is approximately 3 business days.

Our MLS Coordinator is Margaret Hobbie.  You may email her with any questions.